About Us

Our story

Well over a decade ago, we fell in love with Greek Mythology in college.

The romance and tragedy stirred our emotions and inspired our passion to do something great.

A few years later, our first online store was born!

We aim to create and share magnificent jewelry and accessories with women all around the world.

We know a little glitz and glamour can make the world a better place.

Aphrodite’s specializes in statement jewelry and must-have accessories.

Our mission is to offer high-quality, gorgeous pieces which support women to feel and look their very best.

Why Aphrodite’s?

The Goddess Aphrodite symbolizes beauty and love.

She came to be in the most mysterious way.

She simply emerged from the sea with an air of mystery about her.

She possessed great beauty, immense determination, endless passion, and deep love.

Beautiful clothing and lovely jewelry adorned her.

Our passion to make a difference combined with the Goddess of Love are a match made in heaven.

We all love the promise of giving and receiving a beautiful gift.

The rush of excitement, the anticipation… Unboxing the mystery is a moment like no other!

Our products bring joy, pleasure, and excitement to both the giver and the receiver.

When you gift one of our magical pieces, you will feel a great sense of generosity knowing you are encouraging women to feel their very best.

Receiving one of our pieces will let you know that you are appreciated and loved.

Your confidence and self-belief will soar.

You will feel even more desirable and seductive.

You will possess a mysterious, magical power of attraction.

We invite you to look through our store, where we are sure you will find at least one piece that speaks to your inner goddess.

Join the Aphrodite’s Family where love and beauty abound and mysteries are revealed.